Day 3 – Physician Meet – Scientific Program

Saturday, October 28th, 2023

08.00 AM – 09.30 AM APBMT Business Meeting
09.00 AM – 09.40 AM

Plenary Session 2 Cellular Therapy for Acute Leukemia

Chairman :
Co-Chairman : Shinta Oktya Wardhani, MD, Ph.D
Speaker : Dr. Jing Pan

09.40 AM – 10.10 AM Break
10.10 AM – 12.10 PM

Session 6
Autologous Stem Cell Therapy for Malignant and Non-Malignant Disease

Chairman : Bor-Sheng Ko (Taipei)
Co-Chairman : Ridho Naibaho, MD (Samarinda)

Session 7
Management of Infection

Chairman : Amir Ali Hamidieh (Tehran)
Co-Chairman : Sigit Prasetia Kurniawan, MD (Banjarmasin)

10.10 AM – 10.40 AM Auto HSCT for Autoimmune Disease
Barbara Withers, MBBS, FRACP, FRCPA (Sydney)
Fungal Infection
Abi Manesh, MD (Vellore)
10.40 AM – 11.10 AM CAR-T for Autoimmune Disease
Hu Yongxian, MD, Ph.D (Hangzhou)
CMV infection after HSCT
Jae Ho Yoon, MD, Ph.D (Seoul)
11.10 AM – 11.40 AM HSCT for Myeloma (Induction & Maintenance)
Chen Yunxin, MBBS, MRCP(UK), FRCPath(Haem), MCI (Singapore)
How We Transplant in Hepatitis B Carrier Patients?
Yi Chang Liu, MD (Kaohsiung)
11.40 AM- 12.10 PM Auto Transplant for Lymphoma in the Era of CAR-T
Anna Sureda, MD, Ph.D (Barcelona)
Late infection and Immunization
Nopporn Apiwattanakul, MD, Ph.D (Bangkok)
12.10 PM – 1.10 PM Industry Sponsored Lunch Symposium – Terumo
01.10 PM – 03.10 PM

Session 8
Oral Presentation (Abstract)

Chairman : Alberto Mussetti, MD (Barcelona)
Co-Chairman : Ni Gusti Agung Arini Junita Kardinal, MD (Bali)

Session 9
Oral Presentation (Abstract)

Chairman :
Co-Chairman : Ni Made Renny Anggreni Rena, MD, Ph.D (Bali)

03.10 PM – 03.30 PM Break
03.30 PM – 04.30 PM General Assembly Meeting
04.30 PM – 06.30 PM

Session 10
HSCT for Leukemia

Chairman : Tran-Der Tan, MD (Taipei)
Co-Chairman : Riswan Arisandi, M.Sc, MD (Banjarmasin)

Session 11
Immunology in and after HSCT

Chairman : Nopporn Apiwattanakul, MD, Ph.D (Bangkok)
Co-Chairman : Daniel Rizky, MD (Semarang)

04.30 PM – 05.00 PM T-cell Replete Haplo HCT for Acute Leukemia
Dinesh Burani, MBBS, MD, DM, FRCPA (New Delhi)
Advances in Acute GVHD Reaction
Joon Ho Moon, MD, PhD (Daegu)
05.00 PM – 05.30 PM Ex Vivo Lymphoid Cell Selection for Haplo HCT in Hematological Malignancies
Linn Yeh-Ching, MBBS, MRCP (Singapore)
Advances in Chronic GVHD Treatment
Hyoung Jin Kang, MD, MS, Ph.D (Seoul)
05.30 PM – 06.00 PM Allo HSCT for AML in the era of genomics
Lim Zi Yi, MD (Singapore)
Strategies for augmenting graft vs tumor effect post-transplant
Xavier Cheng-Hong Tsai, MD, MSc, Ph.D (Taipei)
06.00 PM – 06.30 PM HSCT for Ph(+)ALL/ CML in the Era of TKI
Prof. David Yeung, BSc, MBBS, UNSW, PhD, FRACP, FRCPA (Adelaide)
The role of microbiota in immunity and hematopoiesis after HSCT
Daigo Hashimoto, MD, Ph.D (Sapporo)
06.30 PM – 07.00 PM Break
07.00 PM – 08:00 PM Industry Sponsored Dinner Symposium – Gilead & Kite
08.00 PM Onwards
Cultural Night
All delegates and Participants